Illinois State Board Of Education Parent Survey - Special Education FAQ

Common Questions/Concerns:

  • What is the purpose of the survey? ISBE is gathering information about how well your school has provided you with opportunities to be involved in your child's education.
  • How should I respond if the question doesn't really apply? Leave it blank.
  • Should this survey be answered based on my experience with my home school or the co-op where my child attends? Your home school.
  • I have a dispute I need help resolving: Call the Parent and Educator Partnership at (877) 317-2733 for assistance.
  • Student no longer at home: Disregard the survey.
  • My student doesn't have a disability: If the student is receiving any services such as speech therapy they will have an IEP. As a result, a survey might be sent to you.
  • Can I attach a letter with more details about my experiences? Yes
  • When will a Spanish Translator be available? from March 18 thru April 12 from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday.  The office will be closed from March 25 to March 29.
  • I have completed the survey in pen, however, the directions say to complete it in pencil. Can I still send it in? Yes
  • Is the survey anonymous? Yes, however, if you would like someone from ISBE to follow up with you, you must include a name and phone number.

 A brief explanation of each question:

Schools' Efforts to Partner with Parents

1.  I am considered an equal partner with teachers and other professionals in planning my child's program.  Do you feel that you are considered an equal partner when planning your child's programming?

2.  I was offered special assistance (such as child care) so that I could participate in the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) meeting.  Were you offered any special assistance that would allow you to participate in an IEP meeting that you wouldn't have been able to participate in otherwise?

3.  At the IEP meeting, we discussed how my child would participate in statewide assessments.  Was there discussion at the IEP meeting about how your child would participate in statewide assessments?

4.  At the IEP meeting, we discussed accommodations and modifications that my child would need.  Was there discussion at the IEP meeting about any accommodations or modifications necessary for your child to succeed at school?

5.  All of my concerns and recommendations were documented on the IEP.  Were any concerns and recommendations raised by you included in the IEP documentation?

6.  Written justification was given for the extent that my child would not receive services in the regular classroom.  Was written justification provided for any time frames that your child will not be receiving services in the regular classroom?

7.  I was given information about organizations that offer support for parents of students with disabilities.  Were you provided with any information about organizations that offer support for you in connection with your life with your student that has a disability?

8.  I have been asked for my opinion about how well special education services are meeting my child's needs.  Did anyone ask for your opinion on how well the special education services that have been provided to your child are meeting your child's needs?

9.  My child's evaluation report is written in terms I understand.  Do you understand your child's evaluation report?

10.Written information I receive is written in an understandable way.  Do you feel that the written information you receive is understandable?

11.Teachers are available to speak with me.  Do you find that teachers have availability to speak with you?

12.Teachers treat me as a team member.  Do you feel the that teachers treat you like a fellow team member

 Teachers and Administrators:

13.- seek out parent input. Do you feel that your input is sought out by the teachers and administrators?

14.- show sensitivity to the needs of students with disabilities and their families. Do you feel that you and your child are treated with sensitivity by the teachers and administrators?

15.- encourage me to participate in the decision-making process. Do you feel encouraged to participate in the decision-making process by the teachers and administrators?

16.- respect my cultural heritage? Do you feel that the teachers and administrators respect your cultural heritage?

17.- ensure that I have fully understood the Procedural Safeguards(the rules in federal law that protect the rights of parents) Have the teachers and administrators asked if you understand the Procedural Safeguards?

The School:

18.- has a person on staff who is available to answer parents' questions. Is there a person at the school who is available to answer your questions?

19.- communicates regularly with me regarding my child's progress on IEP goals. Do you receive regular communications from the school regarding your child's IEP goal progress?

20.- gives me choices with regard to services that address my child's needs Do you have choices from the school that address your child's needs?

21.- offers parent training about special education issues Does the school offer any parent trainings about special education?

22.- offers parents a variety of ways to communicate with teachers Does the school offer various ways for you to communicate with the teachers?

23.- gives parents the help they may need to play an active role in their child's education Does the school give help to you to play an active role in your child's education?

24.- provides information on agencies that can assist my child in the transition from school Have you received any information on agencies that assist with transitions?

25.- explains what options parents have if they disagree with a decision of the school Has the school provided you with any options you have if you disagree with a decision of the school?

For further assistance please contact us at 1-877-317-2733


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