Parent Liaison Program

A Parent Leader helps parents of school-age children effectively navigate the educational system and is a resource to the school district to involve families.  Parent leaders help parents move through the continuum of parent leadership.

A Continuum of Parent Leadership

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The IDRA Parent Leadership Model, Four Dimensions of Parent Leadership.  Intercultural Development Research Association. San Antonio, Texas. (

Parents who become leaders are better able to support their children's learning - both through their active presence at the school and through the skills and contacts they gain in their leadership activities.  Taking a leadership role and achieving success help parents develop a greater sense of their own power to influence their children's future and to make a better life for themselves.

With parents as leaders, schools are more likely to build the kind of strong, trusting relationships that lead to positive, sustainable change.  In the end, students benefit.

If you would like to discuss developing Parent Leadership at your district, you may use the online contact form, email or call our office, 877-317-2733 


A Case for Parent Leadership

Parent Leadership

How Parent Liasons Can Help Bridge the Home-School Gap

Creating Awareness about the Parent Liaison program 

Parent Leader Interest

Parent Leader Action Plan 

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A Map of Districts Currently Partnering with Parent Leaders

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Parent Support Groups

Listed below are Parent Support Groups recognized by their respective school districts as a resource for parents of students with disabilities.

Current Parent Liaisons

Districts currently supporting or developing the Parent Liaison program are listed below. Click on the district link for more information.


Latest News

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