Parent Mentors

Each local parent mentor grant site is a collaboration among agencies, such as, school districts or special education cooperatives and not-for-profit parent or disability groups. Through grant funding, each local team employs one or more parents of children with disabilities as Parent Mentors. At this time, the grant funding is committed, so there are no new grant funds available. If you would like to start a parent mentor program locally, as a volunteer within your school district, we have created the Parent Liaison program.

Roles of Parent Mentors

Current Parent Mentors

map.gifThe Parent Mentors and their locations are listed below. Click on a name or a pin on the map for more information.

(East Central Illinois)
Susan Hans (North Suburban)
Marilyn Hartwell (Southern Illinois)
Leslie Keller (Central Illinois)
Peggy Mueller (Belleville)
Tammy Riddell (Freeport)
Patricia Luzadder(Chicago Public)
Cindy Belleque (Northwest Illinois)




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