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My name is Tammy Riddell. I am a mother of three young men and a native of Stephenson County. I have worked in elementary schools for a little more than a decade as a Family Resource Coordinator and I have experienced the IEP process with my own children. I am looking forward to sharing the knowledge I have gained as a parent, and as a Parent Mentor. I hope to help provide parents with the tools and information necessary to help their children succeed in school.

I have learned that parents do understand better than anyone; how important it is for schools and parents work together to prepare students for success in life; not just with academic knowledge, but with the skills needed for young people to succeed in general. If a parent wants a partner to guide them through the IEP process, supply tools, or teach advocacy skills for their child's educational rights, call your Parent Mentor. 

When parents actively advocate for their children, their children will grow up with an instilled value for education and a desire to be self advocates. The evolutions of loving and educated families are recreated, each generation; becoming stronger and stronger!

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure!  Call or email me with any questions, thoughts or resources.


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All trainings are free and open to the public. For more information, please contact me above.


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