School, Family, and Community Partnerships

Family Involvement is an essential element for school improvement.

Family and community engagement activities should be planned each spring for the next school year, and implemented throughout the year.  At the end of the school year, programs and practices are evaluated and new plans developed.

Successful school, family, and community partnership programs require thoughtful on-going planning, implementation, and evaluation.  The PEP provides district leadership and school-based team training, technical assistance, and coaching to support partnership implementation through four steps.

1.    Collect perceptions of family engagement in the LEA;

2.    Provide training for district leaders of partnerships and school-based teams;

3.    Provide coaching to the district and school leaders of partnerships; and

4.    Complete measurement partnership practices impact.

If you are interested in exploring promising partnership practices and the in-kind support the Parent & Educator Partnership provides, you may use our online contact form, email or call us toll free, 877-317-2733.

Review research and resources on our Family Involvement page.

PEP Support of Implementation

Parent and Teachers Talking Together (PT3) - The PT3 is a facilitated conversation between parents and teachers, the two groups who know students best, focusing on outcomes for students.  Following the dialogue, there is a process for identifying common priorities which assists with the developement of an action plan.

Parent Leadership 101 - This two-day intensive workshop for parents introduces the concept of parent leadership and helps parents understand and identify ways to partner with schools to increase family engagement which supports student learning.   

District Leadership Institute - This one-day comprehensive workshop is designed to assist district leaders of partnerships in planning a district program that helps all schools strengthen and sustain school-based programs of family and community involvement that focuses on student learning. 

School-Based Action Team for Partnerships - This full-day workshop helps school teams understand the six types of involvement, how to meet challenges to involve all families, and how to link partnership activities to goals for student success.

District Commitment to Implementation


  • Designate a district leader for partnership;
  • Attend the District Leadership Institute;
  • Develop and implement a one-year district plan for partnerships;
  • Develop school-based action team for partnerships;
  • Create one-year school plans for partnerships to support student learning; and
  • Evaluate and communicate partnership practices.

Parent Leadership

  • Designate a parent leader or liason;
  • Provide the parent leader the opportunity to attend Parent Leadership 101;
  • Support the parent leader's one-year action plan to increase parent engagement to impact student achievement; and
  • Collaborate with the parent leader to integrate families with district services.

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